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A new CfP for 2020 from Autour du BPAN

BPAN (1) (Beta-propeller Protein-Associated Neurodegeneration) is a rare neurodegenerative disease associated with a mutation in the WDR45 gene. It is a disease that is currently incurable, with emotional and social consequences for all family members.

The Association Autour du BPAN is pleased for the second consecutive year to launch its Call for Project (2) 2020.

The Association Autour du BPAN funded two projects in 2019, which are still ongoing, one of which is in collaboration with the French Foundation for Rare Diseases(3) :
- Bertrand Mollereau (ENS - LBMC - CNRS): "The roles of WDR45 in autophagy in beta-propeller associated neurodegeneration" (4)
- Jean-Paul Laserre (INSERM - MRGM - Université de Bordeaux): "Use of yeast for repositioning therapeutic molecules in BPAN and analysis of variants WDR45" (5)

This year, the Association Around BPAN will provide a national or international team with a grant of 30,000 Euros to help start a new project or to continue an ongoing project on:

- physiopathology related to the mutation of the WDR45 gene,
- the molecular, biochemical and biological aspects of the problem of autophagy related to the WIPI4 protein,
- Understanding the mechanisms of intra-cerebral iron accumulation and their impact on patient symptomatology.

The documents can be downloaded below:
FRFrench Version
GBEnglish Version

Timing :
Deadline for application: June 10,2020
Answer: end of June

Send a complete and signed application form by email to:
The reception will be confirmed by mail.

(1) BPAN: Beta-propeller Protein-Associated Neurodegeneration (WIPI4 protein). It is a disease characterized by Iron Accumulation in the Brain (NBIA 5 - Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation).
(2) A call for proposals (CfP) is a mechanism put in place by a funder for the award of a grant. The funder defines a problem and a framework; applicants for funding are invited to submit a project within this framework and freely define the content of their project. The CfP reduces the discretionary nature of the grant by ensuring greater transparency in the selection of the funded project.
(3) https://fondation-maladiesrares.org/ : French Foundation for Rare Diseases ("Fondation Maladies Rares" in French)
(4) Article : Signing the financing agreement with the ENS of Lyon
(5) Article : An active molecule identified in baker's yeast!!

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