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2nd symposium sur le BPAN en France


Autour du BPAN is a dynamic association fighting against a rare and neurodegenerative desease called BPAN (Beta Propeller Protein Associated Neurodegeneration). Its mission : supporting the medical research, the patients and their family. Though, the association is thrilled to announce the 2nd Symposium in France dedicated to BPAN (1). This event, organised by the University of Bordeaux and our organization will take place on 12th/13th May 2023 in Bordeaux.

Our partnership with researchers including Jean Paul Lasserre from the University of Bordeaux...

In a little less than 5 years of existence, Autour du BPAN has supported many research projects in France. The University of Bordeaux, through Professor Jean-Paul Lasserre's project on "baker's yeast" (2) has been able to benefit from funding of €35,000 through the association. It was therefore natural that the University of Bordeaux and the association Autour du BPAN join forces to offer you this Symposium.

From the beginning to the Symposium…

Since its inception, the association has organized meetings with the various researchers it finances. This allows these scientists to meet and exchange their practices. These exchanges could thus be facilitated as during the first "colloque" organized in Ouches in September 2019 (3) or during the "Family Weekends" in September 2020 (4), September 2021 (5), September 2022 (6). One year after the first symposium on BPAN in France which took place at ENS de Lyon (1), the Bordeaux team volunteered to organize a second one. The interest of these meetings is multiple. On the one hand, they allow researchers to create a dynamic, a network. Thus some of them (who did not know each other before the invitation of the association), now collaborate together in the service of the BPAN. This is quite extraordinary! On the other hand, the arrival of researchers during our events allows families to present their work and their progress thanks to the funding of the association. Finally, it allows researchers to leave their laboratory and be able to meet sick children and young adults directly, observe their symptoms and behaviors and thus have the opportunity to realize family problems. We love these moments filled with emotions and sharing.

The advantage of this Symposium ?

This international Symposium will gather scientific experts from different countries (geneticists, neuropediatricians, neurologists…). Their new researches in the field will be presented. Then the researchers could exchange and for some just get acquainted, which is pretty rewarding because it could lead to possible collaborations, ideas and processes swap, and going out of the borders to progress in research.

For whom is the Symposium intended ?

This Symposium is open to everyone.

Friday 12th May is a day intended for the scientists and the medical teams… The language will be exclusively English. The exchanges will be only medecal and scientific ones.

Saturday 13th May will be more intented for the families, with a will of vulgarisation (to make explanations easier Tu understand) from the Friday exchanges made by some researchers.

Note that the end of the day may end with the Brain Curio'city 2 event from 6pm at "La Caravelle" de Marcheprime located 30 minutes from Bordeaux (7)

For more information please click on the link below : https://www.autourdubpan.fr/symposium2023/

(1) This is the second symposium in France on BPAN. The 1st symposium had taken place the previous year in Lyon with ENS.

(2) October 29, 2020 - Article An active molecule identified in yeast!

(3) September 28th, 2019 - Around BPAN research

(4) September 26th, 2020 - Weekend families, researchers and volunteers together!

(5) September 2021 - Second edition of the Family Weekend!

(6) September 2022 - Third edition of the Family Weekend!

(7) Mark your calendars, On Saturday, May 13, 2023 will take place the Second edition of the Brain Curio'City! The first Brain Curio'City took place on October 9, 2021


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