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Welcome to the site "Autour du BPAN" (Around BPAN)

Who are we ? 

The association ‘ Around BPAN ‘ was created on July 16th 2018. It’s open to everyone. It’s an association of families and carers linked to WDR45 gene. Its aim is to fight the disease linked to the WDR45 gene mutation. 

The disease :

It’s a rare genetic neurodegenerativ disorder associated to a beta propeller protein, BPAN. It’s characterized by brain iron accumulation and belongs to the group of NBIA. As the gene mutation is on chromosome X, the disease affects more females than males.

Symptoms : 

Patients can present more or less severe affections according to the disease expression. This mutation leads to delayed development generaly characterized by seizures (epilepsy) in early childhood, movement, learning and langage problems. 
Between adolescence and adulthood people may begin to develop important muscle troubles (dystony, parkinsonism… ). In the course of evolution cognitiv decline can complete the clinical picture. Life threatening may result from complications that can occur. For the moment only symptomatic treatments are offered. One of the most important consequence is a progressiv loss of autonomy. 

Prévalence of BPAN

There is less than one case out of 1 million (ophanet) but many individuals haven’t been diagnosed yet. 
The gene was indeed discovered in 2012 and has only been sequenced since 2017 in France. 
Time is short 
Let’s act together to let research go on and create further projects. 
That’s why the association was created. We need you all.
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Special thanks to the students of the Roanne University Center for the development of this flyer. Thanks to Virginie, Said, Imrane & Matthias


19-03-27 - Official publication of our first call for projects for this year. Thanks to the efforts and kindness of all, we can participate this year in the funding of BPAN projects:

Appel à projet 2019

19-03-23 - Closing of our Leetchi kitty: A big thank you to all: Clara P., Mélanie B., François B., Jensen S., Josianne S., Christrine S. ,Carole L., Erwan S., Jean François B., Marilyne A., Fernande A., Eric S., Isabelle B., Yann S., Jeanine L., Christine W., Clemence T., Kélène & Lolo, Pierre B., Delphine S., Alexandra A., Bruno F., Armande H., Mélanie L., Hervé R., Pierre et Yvette A., Kessica S., Doris P., Amélie Mam's, Eric C., Adelaine P., Nadia K., Carole S., Olivier K., Jean Luc M., Anne-Marie B., Christiane S., Gérard M., Delphine et Pascal N., Dan Dan, Gaby P., Alain P., David B., Benjamin H., Carol S., Irina D., Marie P., Isabelle et Philippe B., Franck T., Véronique et Jean K., Stéphanie B., Cécile & Stéphane N., Delphine S., Doris K., Christine J., Estelle L., Severine C., Dominique G., Gersende H., Anna U., Kris S., Les Charf, Nicolas B., Françoise et Gilbert H., Dominique S., Dominique R., Christelle et Damien J., Celine S., Stéphanie C., Emmanuel A., Aurélien C., Deborah S., Sophie et Vincent P. & D., Jeanne P., Benoït E., Stéphanie A., Bérangère P., Fanny P., Chloé B. and Corinne T. 

19-03-18 - We are now more than 80 members.

19-02-10 - Lio officially announces that she becomes our godmother and supports us in our fight.  

19-02-07 - Our medical committee is officially constituted. Discover it by clicking here.  

19-01-30 - Our association officially becomes a member of Alliance maladies rares.  

19-01-20 - Redesign of this site.  

18-12-28 - The logo is changed with the addition of a boy to represent BPAN more generally. The name of the site is changed in favor of Around the BPAN. These changes are made to bring more families together. This association has always been open to everyone and has always worked to fight the disease. The name of the association will be changed at our next General Assembly on April 13, 2019.  

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Research support on BPAN

The association aims to find treatments to improve the lives of patients and ideally to stop the disease.
It has a medical committee to evaluate the relevance of proposed research projects.


GenIDA : for families where a person is affected by the disease. Please take 15 minutes to advance the understanding of the disease by health professionals..

Financial contributions

In order to allow the financing of research, the association benefits from various resources related to:


They can raise money and raise awareness of the disease. Strong moments are present in these events and allow a group cohesion ...

Donations and patronage

The association relies on donations from individuals and companies ...


Our association aims to inform families and the public about the disease:
Médical bpan

For families

The care is necessary for the care of the patients and the administrative procedures very often fall of the course of the combatant ...


A set of documents and links to scientific articles


The different associations and communities around the world.

Press articles, television

The whole of the articles of press presenting the association and making known the disease.


You want to help or be helped, join us!
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This association is open to all! You are close to a person carrying this mutation, or you simply want to fight with us against this neurodeégénèrescence, you can engage as a member or simple volunteer ...

For more information on the different ways to help us,
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